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4 white blouse | three wishes styleI wore this back in February and never got around to posting it. Lately, I’ve been obsessed with simple outfits, flowing shirts/dresses, ponytails, braids and 90’s grunge*. Hope you guys are doing great! More looks to come soon! XO

*More on that tomorrow! 😉

2 white blouse | three wishes style 3 white blouse | three wishes style

XOXO, Tara

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1 floral skirt

Hello my dears! I’m finally starting to feel like myself again, I never thought I’d be so happy to wear a skirt! I feel like it’s been ages since I put on a fitted skirt and didn’t feel like a stuffed sausage. I mean seriously… however I shouldn’t use food references when dieting because now I’m craving some Jimmy Dean. (LOL)

I digress… I got an H&M gift card for Christmas and I’ve put off using it until I felt more comfortable (i.e. lost some weight) and I’m really glad I did because there are so many great pieces to choose from right now. I got this floral skirt and simple white blouse (among other things)… and they are both making me feel like a professional lady today, all I needed was my favorite Kate Spade bag and some classic black pumps and now I’m totally ready to “lean in.” 😉

***Also I realize I desperately need a tan. It was 80 degrees it Tampa today so I’d say it’s coming soon. Guess that Punxsutawney Phil knows what he’s talking about.

5 floral skirt 4 floral skirt 2 floral skirt 6 floral skirt 3 floral skirt 7 floral skirt

H&M skirt   |   H&M blouse (similar)   |   Kate Spade handbag {in black}

Urban Outfitters sunnies   |   Sam & Libby heels (old)

XX, Tara

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summer business | suited up

summer business | three wishes style

It’s still not quite summer, but obviously no one told Mother Nature because man o’ man is it hot. This is my version of a summer suit. I layered a few necklaces and threw on my colored pumps for some added fun.

How do you guys dress for business in the summer?

summer business | three wishes style summer business | three wishes stylesummer business | three wishes stylenecklace | three wishes style

Onna Ehrlich purse   |   Target Vest   |  H&M Pants    |   H&M blouse

Necklace   |   Shoe Dazzle pumps   |   Nails- Covergirl Outlast- skylight

Thanks for reading!

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tennis anyone..?

tennis | three wishes style

I’m actually a terrible tennis player. I can serve the ball, but hitting it back over the net is another story. The boyfriend and I used to try to play but he would just end up getting annoyed at me, and I him because he felt the need to serve curve balls (or whatever you call them when the ball drops to the ground as soon as it goes over the net). Volleyball is more my kind of sport, I’m better at hitting things without a racket. It’s also better for my relationship. 😉

This outfit simply reminded me of tennis, I don’t really want to play. This skirt is so fun it makes me want to twirl. I’m a tennis-hating twirler…. there I said it, don’t judge.

tennis | three wishes style tennis | three wishes style tennis | three wishes style tennis | three wishes style tennis | three wishes style

Target blouse   |   H&M skirt   |   Target flats

Sole Society purse   |   Free People Sunglasses

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