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1 red trench copy

I wore this outfit a couple of weeks ago, back when I was wearing black jeans just about everyday. Jimmy (my fella) actually commented that he hadn’t seen me in anything else in quite a while. After that I realized I needed to get my shit together, I mean if he was noticing, it had to be bad. I was at least wearing different tops, I deserve some credit for that. Black jeans and a blouse, black jeans and a sweater and black jeans and a dress (this top I’m wearing is actually a dress that’s too short), all completely different outfits, no?!

But seriously, I was glad he said something because I needed a little kick in the butt… I’m getting my body in shape and wardrobe is next. It’s okay to have off days months, but I’m coming back, right after I show this outfit with black jeans. 😉

2 red trench3 red trench

J Brand jeans   |   Target trench (old)   |   ShoeDazzle OTK boots (old)

Calvin Klein purse (similar)   |   Forever 21 dress (old)   |   Urban Outfitters sunnies

XX, Tara

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whimsical fashion (+ periscope)

whimsical | three wishes style

Hello my loves! I certainly hope you are all doing well. I’ve been pretty busy lately, unfortunately too busy to take “real” outfit pictures but you can always follow me in real-time on Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat (CurlyTara) or Periscope (follow me on Twitter first and use that to find me on Periscope). Speaking of Periscope, what do you guys think of it?! I kinda love it… you can watch live streaming video from celebrities or just regular weirdos like me, plus you can save the video to your phone and/or make them available to watch on a replay. You guys should definitely check it out. I have two videos available for replay if you check it out soon.

Anyways… this outfit is so my style it’s not even funny. It’s super gross and raining out today so I threw this on to brighten up my day. I like to mix whimsical patterns (insert horse/rose blouse) with something ladylike/classic (insert red trench and scalloped shorts) and it’s the perfect look just for me. No style steal today loves, this one is all me!

5whimsical | three wishes style 3whimsical | three wishes style 4whimsical | three wishes style

Poppy Lux blouse (not available)   |   Scalloped shorts (similar)

Target trench (old)   |   Target heels (old)   |   Kate Spade purse (similar)

XOXO my loves!

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confetti dress

Confetti Dress | three wishes style

I got this dress last weekend for a holiday party, I mean what’s better than showing up to a party looking like an actual party.

I wanted something different from the typical holiday dress and I think I found it in the gem. It’s long-sleeved and flowy, but still gives off a sexy vibe because it’s shorter and has fun hemline. These OTK boots and bright red jacket were the perfect pairings to finish off this look!

Now let’s party!

Confetti Dress | three wishes style Confetti Dress | three wishes style Confetti Dress | three wishes style Confetti Dress | three wishes style Confetti Dress | three wishes style

H&M dress   |   Target trench (similar)   |   ShoeDazzle “OTK” boots

Karen Walker sunnies   |   Forever 21 purse (old)

Thanks for reading!

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6lace dress | three wishes style

I haven’t shopped at Forever 21 in a long time, it seemed for a while that everything was cropped, graphic or had way too many sequins. That’s why when I saw this dress online I was surprised, especially when it was on sale for only $16.99! Ah… now I remember why I loved this store so much! (I also bought that cute maroon hat from yesterday’s post for under $15.)

The only thing I did wrong was forget that Forever 21 is made for youth-sized people (I am not) and that I should always size up a bit because this dress is pretty short… sorry Mom! Today I’m thankful for tights and long jackets. Can you believe Thanksgiving is a week away?!

1lace dress | three wishes style 3lace dress | three wishes style7lace dress | three wishes style4lace dress | three wishes style

Forever 21 dress (on sale!)   |   Target booties (similar)   |   Target trench (similar)

Sole Society aviators   |   Kate Spade purse (similar)

Lipstick: Rimmel | (Kate) 01

XOXO, Tara

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a “lovely” day

8love | three wishes style

It’s Valentine’s Day… the day to show the people in our lives how much they mean to us. There are so many people in my life that I love, my boyfriend (of course), but also my family, friends and co-workers. These people bring so much happiness and love to my life and I hope that they realize this today and everyday.

I hope everyone has a lovely Valentine’s day!

9love | three wishes style love | three wishes style 4love | three wishes style 5love | three wishes style 10love | three wishes stylelove | three wishes style

Trench Target  (on sale!)  |   Pants Target (old)   |   Heels Target

Sweater Old Navy (similar)   | Purse Onna Ehrlich

Thanks for reading!

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