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1 red trench copy

I wore this outfit a couple of weeks ago, back when I was wearing black jeans just about everyday. Jimmy (my fella) actually commented that he hadn’t seen me in anything else in quite a while. After that I realized I needed to get my shit together, I mean if he was noticing, it had to be bad. I was at least wearing different tops, I deserve some credit for that. Black jeans and a blouse, black jeans and a sweater and black jeans and a dress (this top I’m wearing is actually a dress that’s too short), all completely different outfits, no?!

But seriously, I was glad he said something because I needed a little kick in the butt… I’m getting my body in shape and wardrobe is next. It’s okay to have off days months, but I’m coming back, right after I show this outfit with black jeans. 😉

2 red trench3 red trench

J Brand jeans   |   Target trench (old)   |   ShoeDazzle OTK boots (old)

Calvin Klein purse (similar)   |   Forever 21 dress (old)   |   Urban Outfitters sunnies

XX, Tara

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rain check?

1 rain check

I’m usually not the kind of person who wants practical gifts, such a blender or a waffle iron. Will I use those things? Sure. Do I want to open them on Christmas morning? Not really. However I did ask for this extremely practical Kate Spade umbrella for Christmas this year. I will not only use it, but it’s also freaking cute. So I guess the moral of the story is… if Kate Spade made waffle irons, I’d be all about it!

**Also it was raining just a few minutes before these pictures and I couldn’t pass up showing off this adorable umbrella.

6 rain check 3 rain check 7 rain check 4 rain check 2 rain check

Kate Spade umbrella    |   Paper Crane dress    |   ShoeDazzle boots (old)

Kate Spade wristlet {in blue}   |   Kate Spade {Partners in Crime} Bracelet

XX, Tara

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navy & black

7black and navy | three wishes style

Hiiii my dears! I love wearing navy and black together, makes me feel like I’m breaking some unwritten rule or something. How do you guys feel about it?

4black and navy | three wishes style6black and navy | three wishes style3black and navy | three wishes style8black and navy | three wishes style2black and navy | three wishes style5black and navy | three wishes style1black and navy | three wishes style

BCBGeneration blazer (Le Tote)   |   BDG Twig Grazer jeans   |   Karen Walker sunnies

ShoeDazzle “OTK” boots   |   Kate Spade purse (similar)   |   Feather earring

XOXO my loves!

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little black dress (for winter)

all black | three wishe style

I am here to show you that there is no reason not to wear a little black dress during the colder months… all you need is a few accessories.

Style tip: Double up your tights during the winter. Here I’m wearing two pairs of tights, it keeps me well insulated, plus I like how it looks.

Can you believe we are two weeks away from Christmas?! Ahhhh… I’m so unprepared!

all black | three wishe styleall black | three wishe style all black | three wishe style all black | three wishe style all black | three wishe style all black | three wishe style

Eight Sixty Dress [also worn here and here]

Similar coat   |   Kate Spade purse (similar)   |   Jewelmint necklace (old)

ShoeDazzle “OTK” boots   |   Karen Walker sunnies


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$10 Boots

OTK boots | three wishes style

I have wanted a pair of OTK (over-the-knee) boots for a long time now, but I didn’t want to spend a ton of money on them. Mainly because I didn’t know how much I would actually wear them. So when I was looking through my emails on Thanksgiving and saw that these boots were on sale for $20, I decided now was the time. I ended up getting them even cheaper, more like $10 after using a code and signing up for a VIP account.

This got me thinking, I want to make sure that I am being as transparent as possible, because I look at blogs sometimes and think, “how in the heck are they affording that?” So just so you know… I rarely ever pay full price for anything you see on the blog, plus I love stores like Old Navy and Target. Both of my Kate Spade purses I got on major sale, I bought my Karen Walker sunglasses at a discount price on Ebay and a have a Le Tote clothing subscription (meaning some of my clothes are rented).

I’m a bargain shopping through and through and I stand proud in my $10 boots! I’m going to try to get better about sharing all the great deals I find and making sure that you guys know that you don’t have to spend a ton of money to feel fabulous. ❤

OTK boots | three wishes style OTK boots | three wishes style OTK boots | three wishes style OTK boots | three wishes style OTK boots | three wishes style OTK boots | three wishes style

Karen Zambos Couture Dress (Le Tote)   |   ShoeDazzle “OTK” boots

Jewelmint “Backbone” necklace (old)   |   Perlina crossbody via T.J.Maxx

Karen Walker sunnies

Thanks for reading!

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