all that and a bag of chips

2 90s grunge | three wishes style

Currently obsessed with brown lipstick, flowing dresses and chokers… so basically I’ve become a 90s goth chick in the matter of weeks. It’s time to blast some Nirvana and pull out my old Tamagotchi. Hahaha… we’ll see how long this last, but I’m loving it right now!

Hope you guys are feeling the bomb!! 😉4 90s grunge | three wishes style5 90s grunge | three wishes style1 90s grunge | three wishes style3 90s grunge | three wishes style

Similar flats   |   Forever 21 dress   |   Calvin Klein purse (similar)

XOXO, Tara

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it’s wedding season

green dress | three wishes style

It seems as though every time I turn around, another one of my friends is getting engaged and this past weekend, my beautiful friend Kimmy got married! I have a giant group of girlfriends and we are all about that age when engagements, weddings and children are all in our near future. (As scary as this thought is to me!)

Buuuuuut… I’ll take any excuse to hang out with my wonderful friends! I don’t know what I would do without each and every one of them and I am especially happy for the new Mr. and Mrs. Sanford!!

(Also, sorry for the blurry pictures.)

green dress | three wishes styleMy girls.

green dress | three wishes styleMy man.


My outfit.

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