1 floral skirt

Hello my dears! I’m finally starting to feel like myself again, I never thought I’d be so happy to wear a skirt! I feel like it’s been ages since I put on a fitted skirt and didn’t feel like a stuffed sausage. I mean seriously… however I shouldn’t use food references when dieting because now I’m craving some Jimmy Dean. (LOL)

I digress… I got an H&M gift card for Christmas and I’ve put off using it until I felt more comfortable (i.e. lost some weight) and I’m really glad I did because there are so many great pieces to choose from right now. I got this floral skirt and simple white blouse (among other things)… and they are both making me feel like a professional lady today, all I needed was my favorite Kate Spade bag and some classic black pumps and now I’m totally ready to “lean in.” ūüėČ

***Also I realize I desperately need a tan. It was 80 degrees it Tampa today so I’d say it’s coming soon. Guess that Punxsutawney Phil knows what he’s talking about.

5 floral skirt 4 floral skirt 2 floral skirt 6 floral skirt 3 floral skirt 7 floral skirt

H&M skirt   |   H&M blouse (similar)   |   Kate Spade handbag {in black}

Urban Outfitters sunnies   |   Sam & Libby heels (old)

XX, Tara

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rain check?

1 rain check

I’m usually not the kind of person who wants practical gifts, such a blender or a waffle iron. Will I use those things? Sure. Do I want to open them on Christmas morning? Not really. However I did ask for this extremely practical Kate Spade umbrella for Christmas this year. I will not only use it, but it’s also freaking cute. So I guess the moral of the story is… if Kate Spade made waffle irons, I’d be all about it!

**Also it was raining just a few minutes before these pictures and I couldn’t pass up showing off this adorable umbrella.

6 rain check 3 rain check 7 rain check 4 rain check 2 rain check

Kate Spade umbrella    |   Paper Crane dress    |   ShoeDazzle boots (old)

Kate Spade wristlet {in blue}   |   Kate Spade {Partners in Crime} Bracelet

XX, Tara

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floral and leather

4 dress N leather{Photo taken: October 14, 2015}

We’re still back-tracking here on ‘three wishes,’ I took these pictures back in October. Right now I wouldn’t really be up for going bare-legged, considering it’s pretty chilly outside (yes, even in FL). I understand this is definitely more of a “fall” look, but what the hell… I’m just happy that I’ve gotten a new post up. I’ll worry about getting the seasons right next. ūüėČ

Happy hump day my dears!

1dress N Leather 3 dress N leather 5 dress N leather

Zara dress (old)   |   Target jacket (old)   |   Steve Madden purse (similar)

I don’t remember the brand on these booties, but they were on sale at JC Penney’s for under $10!

XX, Tara

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thin-spiration {past looks}

90s Chick

So I talked yesterday about my goal to get healthier in 2016. If you’ve followed my blog you may know that in 2013 I lost nearly 30 pounds. Read about that here.

Most of these pictures here are from 2013-2014 right around when I started this blog. I’m doing this to get some thin-spiration. I remember how much fun I used to have every morning getting dressed. I want to get back to that place. Please comment below and let me know if you want me to document my weight loss experience at all. I’m sticking with a weight-watchers type diet but I recently tried the 3-day military diet and I’m thinking about maybe trying a juice cleanse. I’m willing to be a guinea-pig so let me know if you know of anything good.

Hope you’re feeling fabulous as ever! XOXO

simple day | three wishes stylepalm tree shorts | three wishes styleslouchy pants | three wishes style Orange is the new blackblack and orange | three wishes style Cut-off shorts Black Skirt + Gold Purse black shorts | three wishes style leopard + vest | three wishes style 9blue dress | three wishes style floral top + black pants | three wishes style white stripes | three wishes style blue dress | three wishes style peplum | three wishes style floral dress + bangs | three wishes style

XX, Tara

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happier, healthier and fabulous-er


{Photo taken: October 6, 2015}

Hello my loves… it’s been way too long, I know, I’m terrible! I actually wore this look back in October and never got around to posting it. Holidays are always tough, not only did I spend too much money (as always), I also ate and drank way too much (#pie #martinis #piemartinis). Currently about 23% of my clothes fit me and I wish I was joking.

I’ve always fluctuated with my weight and I’m currently in the process of trying to get healthy again. I’ve hit that point where I don’t want to get dressed in the morning. Something that I used to love and consider an adventure has lately been something I’ve done to be covered up more than anything. It’s not a good place to be. I want to be clear and say that I know to the normal person I am not overweight and probably wouldn’t be considered unhealthy, but to myself I simply don’t feel right (Especially the clothes not fitting thing, that seriously sucks!).

So here’s an old outfit picture just to let you know that I’m still here and I really do want to be able to keep up my blogging, so here’s to 2016… a happier, healthier and fabulous-er new year!

**Also so far I’ve lost about 2 pounds… 14 more to go! (PS. I didn’t gain 16 pounds over the holidays, that’s just my goal.)

2creamtrench 5cream trench 3cream trench 4cream trench

Similar Jeans (on sale!)  |  Kate Spade handbag (in black) |   Urban Outfitters sunnies

Cream trench (I don’t remember the brand but I got it at Marshalls)

LOVE, Tara

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gray tee for the win… again

4 purple | three wishes style

I’ve talked about my love of the gray tee for years here on the blog. Seriously if you ever see me out running errands, going for a quick dinner with the fella or basically every Friday, you will usually see me in my trusty gray tee. It truly is the canvas for many great outfits. For my fall ‘gray tee’ outfit, I’ve added some black jeans, a faux leather jacket and a fun purple lip for some color.

6 purple | three wishes style1 purple | three wishes style 2 purple | three wishes style 3 purple | three wishes style 5 purple | three wishes style

J Brand jeans   |   Target tee   |   Mossimo jacket

Calvin Klein purse (similar)   |   RayBan sunnies

Lipstick: Maybelline – Vibrant Violet

LOVE, Tara

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…as promised

2 maroon N stripes | three wishes style

This outfit required very little thinking when I was putting it together. My only hesitation was not wearing a fitted top with this skirt. I usually always try to wear fitted tops with midi skirts, or any loose-fitting bottom for that matter (lol… loose-fitting bottom sounds so gross), however since the top is cropped and these shoes match almost perfectly I was pleased with how this turned out, simple and fun.

It’s still hot AF here in Florida, I mean record breaking kinda of hot so while the rest of the country can layer this fall, I have to resort to wearing fall colors. More fall looks coming soon!

Hope you’re feeling and looking fabulous wherever you are!! XO

5 maroon N stripes | three wishes style 3 maroon N stripes | three wishes style 4 maroon N stripes | three wishes style 6 maroon N stripes | three wishes style 7 maroon N stripes | three wishes style

Similar skirt   |   TJ Maxx top   |   ShoeDazzle heels

Calvin Klein purse (similar)   |   Urban Outfitters sunnies

LOVE, Tara

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