shoulders are the new black

4 striped dress | three wishes style

I was on the hunt for a great off-the-shoulder top recently and while I can’t seem to find one that I really like, I did come across this off-the-shoulder dress from Target (for only $30!). It was love at first sight, we’re thinking a wedding in the fall… the dress and me. 😉

Anyway I wore this dress and legit did not want to take it off at the end of the day. They have it in black too and I’m seriously considering getting it, because why not? I can only find the striped one online in curvy sizing [I’ll link it below], but it’s the WHO WHAT WEAR collection at Target and if you find one I recommend trying it on and buying it. Hopefully it will bring you as much joy as it does me.

Lots of love! XO

2 striped dress | three wishes style 3 striped dress | three wishes style 1 striped dress | three wishes style

Target dress (curvy, in black)   |   ShoeDazzle scalloped heels

Kate Spade crossbody   |   Urban Outfitters sunnies

XOXO, Tara

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all that and a bag of chips

2 90s grunge | three wishes style

Currently obsessed with brown lipstick, flowing dresses and chokers… so basically I’ve become a 90s goth chick in the matter of weeks. It’s time to blast some Nirvana and pull out my old Tamagotchi. Hahaha… we’ll see how long this last, but I’m loving it right now!

Hope you guys are feeling the bomb!! 😉4 90s grunge | three wishes style5 90s grunge | three wishes style1 90s grunge | three wishes style3 90s grunge | three wishes style

Similar flats   |   Forever 21 dress   |   Calvin Klein purse (similar)

XOXO, Tara

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swing that pony…

4 white blouse | three wishes styleI wore this back in February and never got around to posting it. Lately, I’ve been obsessed with simple outfits, flowing shirts/dresses, ponytails, braids and 90’s grunge*. Hope you guys are doing great! More looks to come soon! XO

*More on that tomorrow! 😉

2 white blouse | three wishes style 3 white blouse | three wishes style

XOXO, Tara

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cold shoulder

3 cold shoulder_three wishes style

I mentioned the “cold-shoulder” trend last summer and am just now getting the chance to try it out. To be honest, my shoulders actually get cold while wearing this top, go figure. Anyway… I think it’s a fun trend and I’m enjoying it.

About this look… I wore the outfit on “44 on the Town” (a weekly talk show that I appear on in Tampa Bay), and let me tell you it looks better in still images than on camera, especially when seated. I was cursing myself for wearing it after I saw the footage. However when I see it here, I love it. Do things like that happen to you? You think you look amazing when you leave the house, but then catch a glimpse of your reflection in a glass window and it’s not good. Well the camera was my glass window today and the worst part… I was talking about spring fashion trends. Damn it… lol… at least I have pictures to prove it looks better standing up. 😉

What do you think?! Yay or nay on this look?2 cold shoulder_three wishes style5 cold shoulder_three wishes style6 cold shoulder_three wishes style7 cold shoulder_three wishes style

Forever 21 skirt (super old)   |   HM top (similar)   |   ShoeDazzle heels

Urban Outfitters sunnies   |   Stauer Handbag (similar)

XOXO, Tara

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4 blushing | three wishes style

I am in love blush colors lately, they are going to be huge for spring. Especially since the Pantone Color of the Year for 2016 is rose quartz, which is the most gorgeous light pink color.

This outfit came together without much thought… I knew I wanted to wear these pants, but wasn’t really planning on any kind of monochromatic look. It just happened to work out that way and to be honest, I surprised myself with how much I liked it.

What do you guys think? Are you loving blush colors for spring?

***Also, could my feet be any whiter?! They are starting to match my handbag!

2 blushing | three wishes style 3 blushing | three wishes style 1 blushing | three wishes style

H&M slacks (in black)   |   Kate Spade handbag (in black)   |   Target sunnies

H&M blazer (similar)   |   Sam & Libby heels (similar)

XX, Tara

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over-the top, glamorous and economical

2 glamour | three wishes style

I’m not going to lie… I felt like a diva in this outfit, glamorous in fact. I didn’t even really plan it either, I grabbed this coat on the way out the door. We’ve had an unseasonably strange little cold snap here in Florida and I’m just about ready for it to be over. I wore this outfit for a taping of “44 on the Town,” it’s a talk show that airs on CW44 (my real job). We just got a brand-new set and the show is getting completely revamped. It premieres this Sunday at 11am on CW44 in the Tampa Bay area, if you’re interested.


Back to the look: Not only did it make me feel chic, but the best part is that the entire outfit (purse not included), probably cost me less than my weekly trip to the grocery store. For example, I got this coat ages ago for $10, I legit still get compliments on it everywhere I go. My skirt is from TJ Maxx and I probably paid less than $20 for it, my turtleneck was $15 at H&M (love this shirt) and my shoes are Sam & Libby for Target, so also super reasonable. Why am I telling you all of this?! Well… mainly because I felt like a million bucks. I chuckled inside as I realized in my head just how reasonably priced this over-the-top outfit really was. It just goes to show, it’s not the amount of money you spend on your clothes but the feeling you get while wearing them. 😉

Btw, this top-knot took me sooooo long to do, no joke.

1 glamour | three wishes style 4 glamour | three wishes style 3 glamour | three wishes style

H&M turtleneck   |   Kate Spade handbag {in black}   |   TJ Maxx skirt

Urban Outfitters sunnies   |   Sam & Libby heels (old)   |   Bitten jacket (really old)

XX, Tara

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black jean life

1 red trench copy

I wore this outfit a couple of weeks ago, back when I was wearing black jeans just about everyday. Jimmy (my fella) actually commented that he hadn’t seen me in anything else in quite a while. After that I realized I needed to get my shit together, I mean if he was noticing, it had to be bad. I was at least wearing different tops, I deserve some credit for that. Black jeans and a blouse, black jeans and a sweater and black jeans and a dress (this top I’m wearing is actually a dress that’s too short), all completely different outfits, no?!

But seriously, I was glad he said something because I needed a little kick in the butt… I’m getting my body in shape and wardrobe is next. It’s okay to have off days months, but I’m coming back, right after I show this outfit with black jeans. 😉

2 red trench3 red trench

J Brand jeans   |   Target trench (old)   |   ShoeDazzle OTK boots (old)

Calvin Klein purse (similar)   |   Forever 21 dress (old)   |   Urban Outfitters sunnies

XX, Tara

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