About Me

Web HeaderHello there!

I’m a fashion obsessing, TV watching, lipstick wearing girl with way more than three wishes! My middle name is Jeanne- pronounced genie… like “I Dream of Jeannie,” hence the ‘three wishes.’

This girl right here dreams of fashion (and other weird things) which leads me to my main purpose for this blog. I live in Tampa where the fashion trends are usually behind a few months and I work in a place where cargo shorts and man-dals are stylish. I was really looking for a place to share my individual style, giving me lots of reasons to want to get dressed in the morning which is why I started this blog.

My love of fashion has even spilled into my work. I’m the Promotions Coordinator/On-Air Talent/Host at CW44, a local TV station in Tampa Bay. For the past few years I have been writing a “What’s Trending” fashion blog on CW44.com and I also appear on “44 on the Town,” weekly at 11am on Sundays to discuss the latest fashion trends that I’m currently loving.

Contact me with any questions or inquiries at 3wishesstyle@gmail.com.


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