rain check?

1 rain check

I’m usually not the kind of person who wants practical gifts, such a blender or a waffle iron. Will I use those things? Sure. Do I want to open them on Christmas morning? Not really. However I did ask for this extremely practical Kate Spade umbrella for Christmas this year. I will not only use it, but it’s also freaking cute. So I guess the moral of the story is… if Kate Spade made waffle irons, I’d be all about it!

**Also it was raining just a few minutes before these pictures and I couldn’t pass up showing off this adorable umbrella.

6 rain check 3 rain check 7 rain check 4 rain check 2 rain check

Kate Spade umbrella    |   Paper Crane dress    |   ShoeDazzle boots (old)

Kate Spade wristlet {in blue}   |   Kate Spade {Partners in Crime} Bracelet

XX, Tara

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