thin-spiration {past looks}

90s Chick

So I talked yesterday about my goal to get healthier in 2016. If you’ve followed my blog you may know that in 2013 I lost nearly 30 pounds. Read about that here.

Most of these pictures here are from 2013-2014 right around when I started this blog. I’m doing this to get some thin-spiration. I remember how much fun I used to have every morning getting dressed. I want to get back to that place. Please comment below and let me know if you want me to document my weight loss experience at all. I’m sticking with a weight-watchers type diet but I recently tried the 3-day military diet and I’m thinking about maybe trying a juice cleanse. I’m willing to be a guinea-pig so let me know if you know of anything good.

Hope you’re feeling fabulous as ever! XOXO

simple day | three wishes stylepalm tree shorts | three wishes styleslouchy pants | three wishes style Orange is the new blackblack and orange | three wishes style Cut-off shorts Black Skirt + Gold Purse black shorts | three wishes style leopard + vest | three wishes style 9blue dress | three wishes style floral top + black pants | three wishes style white stripes | three wishes style blue dress | three wishes style peplum | three wishes style floral dress + bangs | three wishes style

XX, Tara

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