happier, healthier and fabulous-er


{Photo taken: October 6, 2015}

Hello my loves… it’s been way too long, I know, I’m terrible! I actually wore this look back in October and never got around to posting it. Holidays are always tough, not only did I spend too much money (as always), I also ate and drank way too much (#pie #martinis #piemartinis). Currently about 23% of my clothes fit me and I wish I was joking.

I’ve always fluctuated with my weight and I’m currently in the process of trying to get healthy again. I’ve hit that point where I don’t want to get dressed in the morning. Something that I used to love and consider an adventure has lately been something I’ve done to be covered up more than anything. It’s not a good place to be. I want to be clear and say that I know to the normal person I am not overweight and probably wouldn’t be considered unhealthy, but to myself I simply don’t feel right (Especially the clothes not fitting thing, that seriously sucks!).

So here’s an old outfit picture just to let you know that I’m still here and I really do want to be able to keep up my blogging, so here’s to 2016… a happier, healthier and fabulous-er new year!

**Also so far I’ve lost about 2 pounds… 14 more to go! (PS. I didn’t gain 16 pounds over the holidays, that’s just my goal.)

2creamtrench 5cream trench 3cream trench 4cream trench

Similar Jeans (on sale!)  |  Kate Spade handbag (in black) |   Urban Outfitters sunnies

Cream trench (I don’t remember the brand but I got it at Marshalls)

LOVE, Tara

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