3 Bags that Prove Backpacks Aren’t Just for School

The popularity of backpacks as an accessory started with high school students in the 1980s, and you’d be excused for thinking that they’re bags only suitable for people going back to school. After all, backpacks are usually at their most popular when the beginning of school starts. As Alan Krantzler, marketing chief at luxury luggage maker Tumi, tells ABC News, “A bag is a badge. It’s a statement of how cool you are.” However, recent trends have shown that backpacks are emerging as a great fashion accessory away from the classroom.

Fashion aggregator Lyst says that the utility bag has recently seen a fashion makeover, with many high-end designers now choosing to re-imagine the classic backpack with new textures and designs. “Weekend in the city? Try a boyish Herschel Supply Co. canvas style or a playful Marc by Marc Jacobs print,” they write. “For a smarter option, Maison Margiela and Ally Capellino’s sleek leather styles hit the mark. But, what’s the ultimate fashion backpack? It has to be a Alexander Wang creation in slouchy washed leather or one of the skillfully crafted luxurious leather Mulberry backpacks.” There are so many choices of backpacks to choose from, but here are three that show just how versatile backpacks can be:

1- Burberry’s Nylon Backpack

Photo: Instagram/@britishvogue

Photo: Instagram/@britishvogue

It was a clear winner in London Fashion Week: a nylon backpack with leather straps, and your initials stitched onto the outside pocket. It’s already been called the “bag of the Instagram age”, as it’s expected to be a hit in street style in the near future. With this backpack, we can clearly see the harmony of utility and aesthetic, and it’s a bag that you wouldn’t think twice about using on nights out, or bringing to work.

2- Moschino’s Printed PVC Backpack

(Photo: neimanmarcus.com)

(Photo: neimanmarcus.com)

Following the growing popularity of bags with bright prints, Moschino has released a bright blue PVC bag with the print, “FRESH Couture.” It’s a bag that’s sure to attract a lot of attention, and is something that many have seen in current street style trends.

3- Aeropostale Floral Print Backpack

(Photo: yahoo.co.jp)

(Photo: yahoo.co.jp)

Aeropostale has scored a clear winner with their floral print backpack. The vintage flower pattern is something that looks sophisticated and timeless, yet still whimsical because of its color. The bag also comes with a cinch-top and several exterior pockets, making it functional as well as fashionable.

— This is a guest post written by Elizabeth Martin. —

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