style steal | neon and boyfriend jeans

7 steal - neon | three wishes style

I’m back at it again with another “Style Steal” and today’s outfit is almost a complete copy, besides the fact that she’s wearing a sweater and mine is more of a t-shirt.

I totally feel like I’m cheating on a test or doing something wrong by stealing someone’s outfit, but what is so great is the fact that there is nothing wrong with taking inspiration. The reason I wanted to start the “Style Steal” series is because of looks like this… I would have never thought to put these pieces together. It also gives me an excuse to wear these shoes which have collected dust on the floor of my closet for months.

What do you guys think?


{Inspiration photo credit:}

8 steal - neon | three wishes style4 steal - neon | three wishes style2 steal - neon | three wishes style3 steal - neon | three wishes style

Target jeans (old)   |   Charlotte Russe heels (old)

Sole Society sunnies (old)   |   Old Navy tee (old)

XOXO my loves!

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