weekend wrap | style your comic book tees

In the beginning of this blog, I really wanted to focus on my outfits, where I got them, how I picked them and so forth, but this blog is evolving into so much more and I want to share everything I write about fashion with you (right now I only share about 10% of what I write for my job on CW44.com). This will give you a deeper look into my fashion obsessed world, including the latest trends and ways to style them, as well as fashion tips and tricks.

I’ve always been afraid to post too much… worried that I may start to bore you (if that happens, please let me know!). I spend hours and hours at work writing and researching about fashion and it’s silly not to share those posts. Saturday and Sunday, the days I usually don’t post anything, I’m going to start a weekend wrap and share my favorite CW44.com posts with you.

Hope you like them… here we go!


In honor of Comic-Con in Tampa Bay this weekend, I’m dedicating this post to all the comic book nerds fans. My co-worker Vanessa and I thought it would be a great idea to share some ways you can wear your comic book tee while still maintaining your style. Now I realize that most comic book fans don’t care if they are stylish (it’s all about the costume), but what about the girlfriend tagging along with her fella, or the girl who loves comics, but didn’t have time to plan an outfit..? Well, this post is for you ladies!

Check it out and let us know what you think >> Style Your Comic Book Tee

Thanks for reading!

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