it’s ok to match

pink skirt again | three wishes style

Do you remember the early 2000s when everything you wore had to match? For example, if you had on a purple shirt, you most certainly had on a purple necklace, purple earrings and you were carrying a purple purse …oh and don’t forget about your purple scarf belt and matching flip-flops.

Yes, things were a little too matchy-matchy back then, which is why I think we are sometimes afraid to match. (Now wearing two or three different patterns is in… it seems as though we’re headed in the opposite direction.) Certainly nobody wants to go back to matching everything, but there are ways to match where you don’t have to look like you just stepped off your high-school bus circa 2003.

Today’s outfit is a great example that a bit of matching can go a long way. Obviously my shoes, shirt and bracelet match, but nothing is overboard and I kept the rest of my look very simple. If you look closely, I also matched my pink ring to my pink skirt, but again, it’s nothing that’s too overdone. That’s the key to matching, make sure that it’s subtle and you’re good to go.

What do you guys think? Is matching ok once again?

***I would like to dedicate today’s post to scarf belts… may you rest in peace and NEVER come back in style.

pink skirt again | three wishes style pink skirt again | three wishes style pink skirt again | three wishes style

H&M skirt (similar)   |   Target top via Plato’s Closet c/o {only $6}

Etsy watch   |   Cleo Stone Bracelet   |   Sole Society purse

Persol Sunglasses   |   JustFab Wedges

Thanks for reading!

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