le tote | tote # 2

le tote 2I wrote about the company Le Tote here and showed you the five items I received in my first tote. Last week my second tote was delivered and I was pleased once again with what I received.

A quick reminder about Le Tote…

Le Tote sends you three articles of clothing and two accessories. The subscription costs $49/month and if you want to keep the clothing you can and you’ll be charged accordingly, but if not you can wear it and then send it back, the best part is you don’t even have to wash the items!


1. French Connection Elliot Top

cut offs + stripes | three wishes style

2. Cleo Stone Bracelet


{I think I might keep this.}

3. Jack Edie Dress

blue dress | three wishes style

4. JOA Striped Full Skirt

JOA Midi | three wishes style

5. Adia Kibur Chain Necklace

blue dress | three wishes style

{I paired it with my old H&M spiked necklace for a more dramatic look.}

If you’re interested, check out Le Tote here.

Thanks for reading!

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