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Recently I signed up for a fashion subscription website that sends you totes of clothing and accessories, called Le Tote. I had heard about concepts like this before… a company that sends you a box of stuff, you keep what you like and send back what you don’t. It’s essentially the same thing, but at Le Tote you can wear the pieces and then send them back for another tote. Your totes are unlimited and you can get as many as you want a month, depending on how long you keep it and shipping time. You only get one tote at a time and you have to send back everything from that tote or if you like any of the pieces you will be charged at the items discounted price. It’s really like Netflix for clothes and accessories.

Le Tote sends you three articles of clothing and two accessories. The subscription costs $49/month and if you want to keep the clothing you can and you’ll be charged accordingly, but if not you can wear it and then send it back, the best part is you don’t even have to wash the items! They also have an accessories tote that sends you three pieces of jewelry and it’s only $19/month.

I have only received one tote so far but I liked every thing they sent me. A great way to ensure that is to go on their website and “favorite” items so your stylist will know what you like. Four of the five items they sent me I had favorited on their website. Some people may be turned off about the renting aspect, but I honestly don’t care, the items are clean and look new when they arrive at my door. I don’t like wearing most items more than once anyway so this process is perfect for me (and fashion blogging). I also look at it like a challenge, I must find a way to wear everything they send me, regardless if it’s my exact style. It helps me try things that maybe I wouldn’t have on my own.

What do you guys think about this concept? See all the items I received in my first tote below.


(As I continue to receive totes I’ll keep you guys updated on what I’ve been getting.)

1. Jack South Midi Skirt

pencil midi | three wishes style

{outfit pics to come}

2. Sugarhill Seahorse Top

seashorses | three wishes style

{see full outfit post here}

3. BCBGeneration Cutout Tank

BCBG | Three wishes style

{see full outfit post here}

4. Adia Kibur Chain Necklace

seashorses | three wishes style copy

{see full outfit post here}

5. Lizzie Links Bracelet

BCBG | Three wishes style

{see full outfit post here}

If you’re interested, check out Le Tote here.

Thanks for reading!

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