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Hey guys and gals. I was talking to a friend the other day, she’s going on vacation and was asking me what items I think she will need, and where to get those items for affordable prices. After my non-stop blabbing for 20 minutes or so, I finally said you should just let me buy everything for you, then you can pick out what you like and I’ll take back what you don’t.

This got me thinking that I bet a lot of people out there need some help/advice in this realm. So I started to look up stylists in the Tampa Bay area… first, I wasn’t too impressed and second, these people are charging outrageous prices, most averaging $100/hour for personal shopping or closet edits. Now I understand that these people want to make money, but everyone should be able to afford great style advice.

Being stylish shouldn’t cost an arm and a leg… which is why I’ve decided to start a personal styling business called simply, “three wishes style.” I will work with your budget and make sure that you are happy with the final product, including hair and make-up tips. I believe the majority of your money should be spent on you, not paying me to help you.

For more information about my styling services click here.

Thanks for reading!

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