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I figured this post would be good considering that summer is only two days away, even though in Tampa it feels like it started months ago. I have watched and worked out with this video for a few months now and it’s really great whether you still have a few lbs to lose (like me) or you’re just trying to maintain.

I’ll be honest I hate working out… I like the feeling I get after I’m done and the way my body looks, but the act of working out is torturous to me. So believe me when I tell you that this kickboxing workout is really good. It’s not too hard, every move is relatively easy (jumping rope, jumping jacks, cross/jabs) but you will definitely be sweating glistening at the end. The key to this workout is the constant moving for 22 minutes straight. There’s a 2 minute warm-up and a quick cool-down but then you’re done and you feel great.

The best thing about this workout, it can be done at home or anywhere really (on your computer, iPad, iPhone) and it’s FREE!

Good luck and let me know if you guys like it!

Thanks for reading!

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