over the weekend | boating & trader joe’s

vinoy st pete

{Vinoy Park, St. Petersburg, Florida | Saturday, June, 14, 2014}

Hey guys! I’m back after another really fun weekend in Tampa Bay.

We went out on the boat again on Saturday, we drove the boat from Tampa to St. Petersburg. The Summerland Music Festival was happening at the Vinoy Park, so we anchored up the boat hoping to hear some great music. Unfortunately the concert ended up being delayed and we didn’t get to hear any of the music, but we didn’t let any of that ruin our fun. It was a great day with good friends.

all13.1black maxi

{my look  #selfie}


On Sunday I took my first official trip to Trader Joe’s and I had no idea know how newsworthy this trip would actually be.

They just built a Trader Joe’s near my house, having only been to another Trader Joe’s once with my Mom for a quick trip, I wasn’t aware of what I had been missing all my life. Not only did I get hit on by a much older man (he and his wife then proceeded to tell me their whole life story right there in the shopping aisle), I also got complimented on my shoes (win!) and I found some really awesome grocery items! There is literally a wall full of just cheese.

If you guys haven’t checked out T.J. I definitely recommend you do so very soon!

9 8 7 11

{my Sunday brunch}

Thanks for reading!

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