over the weekend


{North Redington Beach, Florida | Sunday, June 8, 2014}

I’m really bad about taking pictures (says the girl who has almost 150 outfit posts). But really… I have trouble remembering to take in-the-moment kind of pictures of my life.

I’m out and about around the Tampa Bay area almost every weekend and I’ve decided I’m going to try to document some of my experiences and memorable moments. I live in a gorgeous place and it deserves to be appreciated and recognized! Some weekends the extent of my fun starts and ends with me sitting on my couch watching TV show marathons, but that’s entirely different conversation.

So here it is. I hope you guys enjoy! Happy Monday!

Salt Life

boating friends Friends

{We spent Saturday on the boat with some great friends, we anchor up at a sandbar near Treasure Island. Don’t let our smiles fool you, no fun was had, we promise! 😉 }

Weezer Concert


{Weezer performed after the Rays Baseball game on Saturday, we showed up just in time to watch Weezer play. They were amazing!}



{I spent some time at the beach with my best friends on Sunday… friends not pictured.}

Thanks for reading!

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