9bridesmaid redo | three wishes style

I originally bought this dress to wear in my mom’s wedding… I was the maid-of-honor and the only “bridesmaid” so I was able to pick my own dress (win!). It’s been one year since the wedding (Happy Anniversary Mom and Todd!) and I’m still in love with this dress.

Mom's wedding

The only problem is I hate wearing the same outfit more than once… and dresses can be difficult, especially a lace and ruffle one. Plus there are 300+ wedding pictures of me wearing this dress… after a while, it loses its appeal. But it’s been a year and while I have worn this dress one other time, I was determined to re-style it and wear it to work. This is what I’ve come up with.

The belt is a normal waist belt turned around and knotted. It’s a great way wear a skinny belt without the belt hanging down.

What do you guys think?

17bridesmaid redo | three wishes style 16bridesmaid redo | three wishes style14bridesmaid redo | three wishes style 4bridesmaid redo | three wishes style 13bridesmaid redo | three wishes style

Jessica Simpson dress (old)   |   Target heels   |   Leopard clutch

H&M Necklace (old)

Thanks for reading!

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2 thoughts on “(re)stylin’

    • Thanks girl… It only took me a year to figure out how to restyle it. I would have to preferred to wear it with black strappy heels to edge it up even more but I don’t have any good ones. (Looks like an excuse to buy a pair.) 😉


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