shoes x5 (on a budget)

What girl doesn’t love shoes, especially when a new season is upon us and all of our boots are no longer needed? I told you guys earlier in the week that I have been on a shoe buying rampage lately and I’m sad to say it’s over… for now! But I’ve found some great gems that I think will be perfect for this spring and summer! Now I’m not one to get on here and tell you guys every time I buy something new… that would get old real quick, but what I do want to tell you is that I got all five pairs of shoes you see below for under $100.

How did this wonderful occurrence happen you ask..? Well it all started with a girl and a dream for new shoes.

shoes | three wishes style

JustFab  FREE + $5 shipping

Original Price  $39.95 was giving away a free pair of shoes if you signed up for their VIP membership.

Signing up means you will be charged $40 a month and get a shoe credit, but if you’re short on money that month or don’t find anything you like, you can always skip the month and spend nothing. You just have to visit the website by the 5th and skip the month. The $5 I spent was strictly on shipping.


midi + colorblocking | three wishes style

ShoeDazzle  $19.95

Orginal Price  $39.95

Another membership sign-up discount… half off your first order if you sign up… unfortunately I had purchased from ShoeDazzle before so it wasn’t my first purchase, BUT I simply put in a new email address and voilà.. 50% off two pairs of shoes! (Don’t judge me!)

It’s the same deal as above though, you have to skip the month in order to not be charged.

leopard | three wishes style

ShoeDazzle  $19.95

Original Price  $39.95

…same as above. I bought these at the same time.

shoes | three wishes style (only)  $19.99

Original Price  $24.99

As you all probably know by now Target is one of my favorite places to shop. They have trendy and affordable clothing, shoes and accessories and is no different! I actually find that the online store has many more discounts.

vest and a hound  $22.39

Original Price  $27.99

…same as above. I bought these at the same time.


TOTAL SPENT- $87.28 (not including tax)


Now it may take some effort but finding awesome affordable footwear is worth it!

Thanks for reading!

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