vest and a tee | part 2

vest and a houndI’m loving this vest and quickly realizing that it goes with everything! I put up a part 1 of this outfit on Monday and the only thing that is different is my shoes, pants and glasses. Everything else is exactly the same, yet these are two completely different outfits! This is why it’s important to have basic pieces that can easily be mixed and matched with everything in your closet.

I live on a budget like most women out there, but if you buy smart then it can be done. This is my 126th outfit post on this blog and I pride myself on not repeating outfits, but that doesn’t mean I can’t rework a look that I love to make it something new. (Also how crazy is that 126 number… I was shocked!)

Annnnd notice another b&w outfit… as well as another white shirt post… oops! 🙂

vest and a hound vest and a hound vest and a hound vest and a hound

Target Vest   |    Target Pants (old)   |   Old Navy Bag

Target Flats   |   Target Tee   |   Old Navy Sunglasses

Thanks for reading!

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