spring inspired nails

floral nails | three wishes style

Usually I am very simple with my nails. I choose one or two colors to paint them and that’s about it, but the boyfriend was out golfing this weekend and left me all alone to watch hours and hours of Netflix (White Collar Matt Bomer has become my new obsession!) and it gave me plenty of time to give myself a fabulous manicure.

I’ll come right out and say it… I’m not the biggest fan of nail art, because I think it can look really busy and dare I say tacky (depending on what you choose) but I was actually quite pleased with how these came out. The only problem I had was trying to take pictures as I went because I was by myself. Sorry but you only get to see my left hand because the right was busy snapping the shots. Take a look below at how I achieved this look.

Step 1 | Gather your supplies

I used some old make-up brushes. The striped brush was actually a little too big so I trimmed the brush at an angle to make it smaller and easier to use. I didn’t buy any new colors,I just grabbed whatever I had and made it work.floral nails | three wishes styleStep 2 | Paint your nails
I recommend using a nail polish that you know has “staying power” because you don’t want to do all this work and then have it to chip off in 10 minutes. I applied two coats of the COVERGIRL | Outlast Stay Brilliant nail polish (which I absolutely LOVE) in light blue and then applied an Essie top coat. (Note: File and buff your nails prior to applying polish to help your polish last longer.)floral nails | three wishes styleStep 3 | Paint the leaves

Dip your brush in the green paint and start to paint leaves on the fingers you want. Remember to make them large enough to be layered over, but not too large that it takes up your entire nail.

floral nails | three wishes styleStep 4 | Add the flowers

After the green paint has dried add the pink flowers, and remember it doesn’t have to be perfect. I even added a few solo petals on each nail.floral nails | three wishes styleStep 5 | A bit of yellow

You can either stop with just the simple pink flowers or you can go a step further and add a bit of yellow like I did.

floral nails | three wishes styleFinish the look with a top coat and there you have it. These floral nails are perfect for spring and were surprisingly easy to do.
floral nails | three wishes style What do you guys think?

 Thanks for reading!

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One thought on “spring inspired nails

  1. So cute! You can also use a toothpick for polka dots if you aren’t as talented at painting….my right hand always looks like a drunk monkey painted it.


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