family, love + snow

snow | three wishes styleOver the weekend I took a trip to Jersey City to visit my brother, sister-in-law and the cutest little man I’ve ever seen, my nephew Dean. I had such a fun time cuddling up with the lil guy and getting some quality time with my family. These pictures were taken at a park near their apartment while we were on a walk. You don’t see views like this in Tampa so I was soaking up the beauty. I can probably count the times I’ve seen snow on two hands… sorry North-easterners, I know after the winter you’re having, that info may sting a bit.  Even though it’s beautiful I didn’t end up taking many pictures of the city, but more so of the adorable 12 lb man who stole my heart.

This is the only outfit picture that I was able to get and it pretty much sums up what I was wearing the entire three days I was there, comfy boots, black jacket, a hat and a scarf– the essentials for 20 degree weather.

I hope everyone had as good as a weekend that I had, but if you didn’t and need a pick me up, take a look at the face below… is that not the cutest face you’ve ever seen!? That’s a rhetorical question… I already know the answer. 🙂

Thanks to my beautiful sister-in-law for taking my outfit pictures.

Deansnow | three wishes style snow | three wishes style snow | three wishes style

I love how the trees look… they are a little creepy but beautiful.


Purse ZARA   |   Jeans Old Navy   |   Jacket Forever 21 (old)

Beanie Target (found in the men’s section for $5)

Thanks for reading!

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