Currently Craving | Bright Bags


Kate Spade   |   Rebecca Minkoff   | Target   |   Lulu*s

I recently wrote a post on about my new favorite trend, the bright bag. I’m in search of a great structured bright purse of my own. There’s a few I have my eye like the the Kate Spade one above, but that’s a bit out of my price range for now. Luckily, Target also has a few cute ones that are more in my ballpark.

I feel like one of these bags would be perfect with a neutral outfit that needs a pop of color. These bags are even big enough to carry around all of our junk and I think we will all be surprised that these purses will end up matching more things in our closets than we think they will.

Check out my What’s Trending | Bright Bags post on to see how my favorite bloggers recently wore this trend.

What do you guys think?

Thanks for reading!

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One thought on “Currently Craving | Bright Bags

  1. I, too, am craving all things bright! It must be that we really want the advent of spring. Up here in Canada it’s been a beast of a winter; brightness reminds me of the summer I’ve got to look forward to! Also, I adore the Kate Spade – I love all things KS. Nice choice!


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