currently craving

Currently Craving

Purse     |     Full Skirt    |    Blazer    |     Gold Heels    |    Fluffy Cardigan

I haven’t received my tax refund money yet, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t have a few things in mind when I do. I’m not going to go crazy BUT I should be able to get a few nice things for myself. I did earn all that money and because the government was nice enough to give some back to me, I’m going to use it to stimulate my closet the economy. Yeah… I’m helping our economy… that’s the best excuse for shopping I’ve come up with yet.

The things I’m craving include this great suede and leather J. Crew Factory envelope clutch, I’m in desperate need of a red (or pink) clutch and this one is a great quality. Next, this high-waist full skirt is everything, I love it so much and I’m already thinking of all the great outfits I could make.  This short black and white patterned blazer is so cute and would be a great addition to my closet. The strappy heels are adorable, maybe not the most practical, but every girl needs a sexy pair of shoes like this (I was surprised to find out these are Kardashian Kollection). And last but not least is this fluffy cardigan, a blogger that I follow called it a “muppet jacket” and I thought that was the perfect name for it… who doesn’t want to look like a muppet? Although I’m sure by the time I get a chance to buy it the weather will be in the 90s again here in Florida.

Hope you have a GREAT weekend!!

Thanks for reading!

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