grandma sweater

Sweater | three wishes styleThis particular outfit got a lot of “likes” on a fashion app that I use where you simply upload outfit pictures. I wasn’t the biggest fan of it and wasn’t going to put in on here, but I actually do like this “grandma” sweater and I figure all those people who liked can’t be wrong. It is ridiculously warm and cozy and sometimes you just gotta go for comfort. Grandma sweater, reasonable shoes and a ponytail… who am I?

Happy HUMP day!!!!

Sweater | three wishes style

Pants: Express (old)   Shirt: Target (similar)

Boots: Kohl’s    Sweater: Forever 21 (old)

Sunglasses: Free People    Clutch: Target

Thanks for reading!

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2 thoughts on “grandma sweater

  1. I LOVE grandma/grandpa sweaters! Anything with a chunky, heavy knit feel is what I crave during the winter season. This one is super cute and can match with so much!


  2. this looks so comfy and cute! i love it! also i was just telling chris that the outfits im not sure i want to post always are the ones the most people like. or that get the most pageviews. funny how that works!


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