librarian chic

midi + blazer | three wishes styleGeez, I’m so sick of pants lately. I go to my closet and instantly get frustrated because it’s “winter” and I’m supposed to be wearing pants, but I’m sooooo bored with them. So this was my attempt at a winter skirt outfit. Luckily it was pretty warm during the day and I was able to take my jacket off for some of the pictures.

I have a rule about midi skirts and that you can’t be too covered up, hence the title of this post. The reasoning being midi skirts already have a lot of fabric and the look can go down the librarian/schoolmarm route if you’re not careful. However, I think this look turned out quite well. No librarian I know wears not pink heels. ūüėČ

midi + blazer | three wishes style midi + blazer | three wishes style midi + blazer | three wishes style

Skirt: Thrifted    Heels: Target (similar)     Tee: Target

Purse: ZARA    Blazer: Target

Thanks for reading!

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2 thoughts on “librarian chic

  1. That skirt is super fun! I love the length on you. I’m also frustrated with pants right now but with temperatures really far below zero up here, I don’t think I have any choice for the next little while :S


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