Gasparilla Fashion Ideas


This post is dedicated to my wonderful friend Jillian who needs some Gasparilla outfit ideas. If you’re not familiar with Gasparilla, it’s pretty much our version of Mardi Gras. Pirates invade Tampa Bay on pirate ships and then make their way to the streets of Tampa for one of the biggest drinking celebrations Tampa has to offer.

It’s a great time, but you walk a lot and sometimes it can get pretty chilly (and by chilly I mean 60 degress which is practically freezing here). Also, you HAVE to look cute or you might not get the attention of the pirates and fail to receive the most amount of beads. My BF Jillian never has a problem with this part. đŸ˜‰

I wrote this post for and created seven looks total, I put my top 4 favorite looks below. Click here to find links for all the products seen below.

Hope these looks help to inspire you!

Gasparilla2 Gasparilla3 Gasparilla5 Gasparilla6

See the rest of the looks I styled here.

Thanks for reading!

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