a few things every girl needs


There are a few things that every women should have to complete her looks. And to be honest, I don’t know how I would get dressed in the morning without some of these things. The first one is red lipstick (of course) but keep reading to see the rest of them.

0ne | (…a good) bold lipstick

Lipstick is one of those things that makes my outfits feel complete. My personal favorite is MAC Russian Red. But, if you’re not particularly a fan of red or don’t think it suits you, maybe try a lighter color or a pinker hue.

Lightning | three wishes styledressy | three wishes stylelipstick

two | fun blazer

A blazer is a great layering piece and instantly helps to pull a look together.

Black & Yellow | three wishes style Plaid Blazer | three wishes style

three | colorful clutch

A bold clutch is a great way to add an unexpected pop to any outfit.

standard look | three wishes style midi | three wishes style striped top  | three wishes style

four | classic black pumps

I just got these shoes a few weeks ago and I’m already wondering what I did without them. A great pair of pointed-toe black pumps are classic and will never go out of style.

blue tux | three wishes style red trench | three wishes style

five | statement necklace

I’m a huge necklace fan, but when I was going through some of my pictures trying to find a few good ones I realized I haven’t worn nearly as many as I thought I had. I’m going to have to start wearing some of the ones I already own on the blog soon.

blue shirt + leather skirt | three wishes style striped top  | three wishes style

Thanks for reading!

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