outfit of the day: i hate wrinkles

gray+white | three wishes style

I seriously hate wrinkles. I have written about my disdain for them before. This shirt for instance, it’s turns into a wrinkled mess about 14 seconds after I put it on… there goes my cute outfit. Wrinkles instantly make me feel like a slacker, an unfashionable slacker. So this morning I took pictures right away to avoid the inevitable wrinkles that would ensue. On another note, the weather is cooling down a bit, pretty sure it was like 68 degrees this morning. That’s cold for a Florida girl, I can finally pull out some of my adorable jackets that get worn about two times a year.

3gray+white | three wishes style gray+white | three wishes style 2gray+white | three wishes style 5gray+white | three wishes style 4gray+white | three wishes style

Shirt: Old Navy (old)     Jeans: Thrifted     Jacket: Target (really old)

Heels: Target     Purse: Target (old)

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