outfit of the day: comfy pants

Neon shirt

This outfit is from a couple of months ago, but I never posted it… I thought maybe it was not “blogger” enough. I did like this outfit, it was comfy, super simple and who doesn’t love neon?!

I really really love these pants.. if you don’t it’s OK, I’ll just pretend you do. They may be the most comfortable pants I own, that I am allowed to wear in public. Let’s all pretend like I’ve never gone to the grocery store in flannel pants… OK thanks.

I almost named this post “one red shoe” because in some of the pictures only one of my shoes was showing, giving the illusion that I only have one leg. Have no fear my friends… I have two legs and one really comfy pair of pants.

Neon shirt

Neon Shirt

(Photos by Kevin Voyer)

Wide leg pants: Target (similar)     Neon shirt: JC Penney (similar)

Purse: Thrifted   Red flats: Target (similar)   Sunglasses: Target

Thanks for reading!

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