need some fashion help?

Are you one of those people who wonders why everyone else around you is always put together and for some reason you just can’t do it for yourself? Maybe you are the type of person that likes fashion and the current trends, but you have no time to shop? Well then… maybe you need someone really cool [like me] to help style you! I’m excited to finally announce to all of you that I am officially a Style Ajent for! is a site (launching very soon) that will connect people who need styling help with their very own style guru [like me]. The Ajent team of trendy mavens is unrivaled (think the Avengers of fashion). We are real human beings and we want to take an active interest in you and your fashion needs.


Screen Shot 2013-10-14 at 12.22.00 PM

In addition to mining for new gems, your style Ajent [me] will help you find what to wear in your existing closet, instruct you how to wear it, and even do purchasing at your request. All at a fraction of what it would cost in-person for the same service and advice.

Ultimately, your personal Ajent [me] will help you purge, plan, and purchase your way to a well-styled, season-pending wardrobe that befits a specific budget so you don’t have to brave it alone.

Please visit to see if this is something that would be perfect you for! Also don’t forget to request me [Tara] to be your personal Style Ajent.

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