organizing accessories in a small space


I live in a very small villa-type apartment with my boyfriend. We are lucky because our place is in an awesome location and it has a small fenced-in front yard that’s perfect for our dogs, but everything else is small, very small. This means.. small bathroom, small kitchen and most importantly small closet. This brings me to my major dilemma… how the heck am I going to fit all my clothes and shoes, and where are my accessories going to go? I’m still sorting out the clothes and shoes part, but I’ve got my accessories pretty well-organized. The only space I needed was the top of a book shelf and the wall space above it. The bookshelf also doubles as my nightstand and makeup vanity but I’ll show you that another time.

Here’s what I did:


Bracelets: I put my bracelets on a large decorative plate. It’s the easiest way I’ve found to display them all at once and grab and go quickly.


Necklaces: I bought the bar and hooks at H&M for very cheap. They are amazing and perfect if you have a lot of necklaces.

(We attached the bar to a shelf to save space.. see first picture.)


Earrings: My dangling earrings hang on a gold trimmed decorative glass (given to me by my great-grandmother) and I keep my stud earrings in a tin container.


Rings: I love rings as you can probably tell. I use the display hand (left) for rings I rarely wear and a ring holder (right) from an old jewelry box for the rest.


I hung a hook (on the right) for my head scarves and such.

Here’s some other bits from our room:

Room bits


Pigs fly

pinbitsThe above picture was a Pinterest DIY (see the original PIN here). I modified it a bit to make work for the colors in our bedroom.

Thanks for reading!

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