outfit of the day: safari-(ish)

Safari | three wishes style

If I were to venture on a safari.. this is probably what my outfit would look like. Although I’d probably opt for a more appropriate pair of shoes. Then I’d gather my other supplies, like water, snacks, chap-stick and whatever else you bring on a safari… binoculars.. lion food? Also I am realizing that I’m missing a cool safari vest and a hat.. you must have a hat, and a vest is needed to hold your snacks and chap-stick.

I retract my first statement, this is not the outfit for a safari. I’ll hold off on my outdoor adventures until proper planning has been done. Until then I’ll just stand in front of these bushes.






(Photos by Vanessa Rao)

Army green pants: Express

Shirt: Thrifted

Shoes: Nine West (old)

Vintage Purse: Thrifted

Watch: Target – Love necklace: lulus.com – Knotted necklace: Forever 21 (old) – Arrow ring: BaubleBar.com – Turquoise ring: Michaels

Thanks for reading!

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