bitchy resting face is serious

Some women suffer from what people so politely refer to as “bitchy resting face.”

I recently learned that I am one of these people. I wondered why people would always ask me “what’s wrong?” Obviously they were tricked by my bitchy resting face. Maybe I was in a great mood, but I was thinking about something important. Don’t let the face fool you, I am a nice person (most of the time).

So I’m trying to find ways to fix this pesky problem. I’ve tried the fake smile thing, you know.. an occasion arises when a large smile is not needed, but you want give one anyway to avoid looking pissed. Although, I feel like I look slightly crazy, which I guess is better than pissed. Then I tried to walk around with my mouth slightly open so my lips weren’t pursed together, but that’s hard to remember all the time. It’s hard enough walking in stilettos.

I guess I’m just going to have to come to terms with this problem, but don’t be fooled my friends.. it’s the face.. not me.





Moral of this story, I need to smile more.. or just slightly open my mouth. Do any of you suffer from this serious ailment?

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