body image: “too fat, sorry”

too fat

I posted the above picture to a fashion social media site last weekend. I wore this outfit to a causal bar around the corner from my house with my boyfriend. I’m usually not one to show off my stomach, but my boyfriend said it was cute and lately I’m a huge fan of crop tops. I wasn’t going to put this picture on the blog because I only got one decent shot, but I was surprised by one of the comments made on this picture and I figured I share it with you guys.

I wrote a post a few weeks ago sharing my weight loss story (read that full post here). Long story short, I just recently lost over 25 lbs. I am proud to announce that I am a size 4 and weight 137 lbs (I’m 5’8). Now there may be places in the country where that is considered fat, but not in my world. I personally didn’t even think I was fat 25 lbs heavier, so I was really surprised when someone commented on this photo, “too fat, sorry.” I’ve never really understood the whole “be rude to people who you don’t know online” thing. So when I read it I was like, “whoa sister… since when am I considered fat?” I would hate to see what she would have said 6 months ago.

The main reason that I wanted to share this is because I know I’m not fat. I may not be the prettiest, or the skinniest, but I am confident in myself. I may or may not have commented back telling her, “if she thinks I’m too fat she has major problems,” but to be honest, in this culture I am considered fat by some. The thing is, I really don’t give a shit what other people say! I am perfectly happy with the way my body looks and that’s all that really matters. Hopefully we can all learn to love ourselves and then maybe, just maybe we can all be nicer to one another.

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11 thoughts on “body image: “too fat, sorry”

  1. It seems to me that in today’s culture we are so quick and brazen to cut other people down without even thinking about the consequences. We just type or text the nastiness without the slightess thought of how it may effect our target. A Bully is a Bully, whether it be pushing a child on the playground or pressing enter or send on a keyboard. We all have a right to our own opinion but like our Moms used to tell us, “If you don’t have anything nice to say then say nothing at all. I think you are beautiful TaraJeanne, inside and out and I have known you all your life.


  2. thank you for the post and woman your far from fat!
    im five foot seven inches and weigh 75kg and am a size 14 (UK size) and I love fashion. There is nothing more fun than expressing who you are as a person. Also its the media promoting all the skinny models and actresses when in real life to be their size, to me, is extremeley unhealthy and not good for teenage girls as that then becomes their aspiration.
    Anyway im a fashion student in london and write my own blog haha. would be cool if you could check it out!


  3. You look fantastic! It’s amazing how people can be so rude both online and in real life. It doesn’t get better if people think that you’re skinny, because then people come up to you and call you a “skinny b*tch” or the like. It happens on both sides of the spectrum. People need to learn to grow up and mind their own business!


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  5. Fat? I’m truly scared for society right now, then what am I, obese? LOL wow, I’m just speechless. You look absolutely fantastic and you’re totally motivating me to start getting in shape.. at least to say goodbye to those tummy rolls! Love your fashion section and your whole blog! Hugs from Peru! 🙂


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