my weight loss journey: how I lost 25 pounds

There are so many articles out there about how to get in shape. They all say a lot of the same things, drink lots of water, work out 5 times a week and don’t eat junk food. And while those are some of the basics, it is not always easy to implement these things into our lives. I recently lost 25 lbs; it was my 2013 New Year’s resolution. In fact, it is the only New Year’s resolution that I have ever stuck with.

I have always yo-yoed with my weight; I love food, but not so much the working out part. I needed a life plan that I could stick with and not feel as though I was missing out on so much. I am no expert, just a normal girl who wants to be healthy. I’m sure that most of us feel that way, so I’m sharing my weight loss story to show that it is possible!


(Notice the genie bottle tat… I was so smart at 19.)

First off, I want to be completely honest and admit that I did subscribe to an online weight-loss program. Admitting that I needed the help and didn’t know what I was doing (hence the yo-yoing) was the first step. It didn’t cost a lot of money and looking back it was completely worth every penny, I had tried and tried to lose weight on my own with no luck. I definitely recommend getting expert advice if you need it. Just know that those programs can only work with some will power and hard work.


Every Sunday I think about the week to come and figure out which days would be best for me to workout. I pick three times during the week (nights or morning) and 1 weekend day to workout (4 workouts/week). I’m not really a gym kind of girl so I either jog around my neighborhood, throw on a workout DVD (I love Jillian Michaels) or I do one of those “Pinterest” workouts in my living room (check out my Health and Exercise board). Before I start any workout I set a length of time that I’m going to workout, usually 25-40 mins depending on how I’m feeling that day. Setting goals helps me keep from cheating and giving up when I feel tired. I also change up my workout routines often, I find doing the same thing over and over can become boring and less affective.

I learned that mixing cardio and strength is the best way to get results out of your workouts. This is one of favorite work-outs:

Cardio/Strenght Workout: (It takes about 30 minutes.)

Great Cardio and Strength Workout


Experts say that what you eat is one of the most important things while trying to lose weight. I could workout as much as I wanted, but I could never move the scale, until I finally figured out what foods to eat and how much of them I should be eating.

Portion Control:

This was probably one of the biggest lessons for me. I thought I knew accurate portion sizes, but I was way wrong. I’m not going to sugar coat it and tell you that was easy cutting my portion sizes nearly in half while trying to lose weight, but it got easier once my stomach started to shrink. Also once I achieved my goal weight I started to allow myself a little more.

Tips that helped me:

  1. Put your food on a smaller plate.
  2. Eat your food slower and savor every bite.
  3. Drink a large glass of water before each meal (this will help fill your belly up before you even begin eating).

To Carb or Not to Carb:

I love bread, pasta and potatoes. Needless to say that these are not things recommended while trying to lose weight. But I’m maintaining a lifestyle and not just trying to lose weight, therefore eliminating carbs all together just didn’t make sense to me.

Tips that helped me:

  1. Pick one meal a day to eat your pasta, bread or potatoes.
  2. If you accidentally overdid it on the free bread at lunch, don’t eat it for dinner and workout a few extra minutes. Don’t beat yourself up, just do better for the next meal.


Give in. Seriously if I’m craving chocolate, I eat chocolate. If I need some salt, I grab a saltine cracker or two. I’m just mindful of how much I eat, I only allow myself a little bit. (i.e. one/two piece(s) of chocolate, or 2 saltine crackers). I don’t take anything away from myself for good because that will only make matters worse when I do get a hold of some chocolate or a bag of salty potato chips. Also I recommend hot tea to curb cravings, I even add a little honey. By the time the water boils and I start to drink it, I (sometimes) forget all about that dessert craving.


Weekends are the death of diets!! It’s so hard not to ruin all of my hard work on the weekends. I do allow myself a little more freedom, but I pick only one day to cheat. One day a week in the big scheme of things is not that big of a deal, but I’m still mindful of my diet on that day and then I get back to normal the following day.

The absolute best advice I can give anyone is to take it week-by-week, day-by-day and meal-by-meal. If you make your health a priority, soon enough you’ll see results.

Do you have any tips for weight loss or maintaining your weight? Comment below, I’d love to hear your thoughts!

Thanks for reading!

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4 thoughts on “my weight loss journey: how I lost 25 pounds

  1. Congrats on losing 25 lbs! It is so hard to say no to all the treats and to keep portion sizes small, but you really do end up feeling better. You look great and I love the blog!! 🙂


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