outfit of the day: camera-ready

Black Skirt + Gold Purse

I’m currently on my way to Miami for my best friends bachelorette party!!! Wish me luck with all these crazy girls! 🙂

I wore this outfit on Wednesday to tape CW44’s “44 on the Town,” a local half-hour show. It airs Sunday mornings at 11am on CW44… channel 4 or 1004 on Brighthouse (if we’re still on Brighthouse). 🙂 A few months ago I started doing the last segment of the show, spending four minutes talking about fashion and relating it to the “What’s Trending” blog I write for CW44.com. (You can find all my articles here.) I also do some random “out in the field” appearances on the show which are quite comical, I’m no reporter.

Anyway I learned a while back that getting ready for the day and getting camera-ready are two completely different things. For one, you can’t wear certain tops, flowy tops will make you look larger and tight tops cling when I’m sitting down, narrow stripes are out and so is anything sheer. I find that skirts and button-down shirts are the easiest thing for me to wear on camera, they’re just so easy to style. With that said, this is my take on a skirt and button-down camera-ready look, slightly Asian-inspried no..? I topped off the look with a statement necklace, a red lip and my vintage gold purse.

Black Skirt + Gold Purse

Black Skirt + Gold Purse


Black Skirt + Gold Purse

Black Skirt + Gold Purse

Black Skirt + Gold Purse

Black Skirt + Gold Purse

Black Skirt + Gold Purse

(Photos by Vanessa Rao)

Skirt: Express     Shirt: Thrifted      Shoes: Target

Necklace: Shoe Dazzle     Purse: Thrifted     Sunglasses: Borrowed 😉

This outfit was surprisingly very cheap. The most expensive thing I’m wearing is probably my necklace, which was about $15-20. The shirt was $4, the Express skirt was on sale for less than $20, these shoes were on sale at Target for $9, my vintage gold bag was only $4 and I borrowed these sunglasses from my co-worker and wonderful photographer Vanessa.

Thanks for reading!

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