outfit of the day: wrinkle free

Green Jacket

The best tip I can give anyone trying to look good while on a budget is to make sure that your clothes are wrinkle free. This is one of those skirts that has to be ironed before wearing and while it can be annoying, it’s really worth it. A $12 wrinkle-free skirt is way better than a $100 wrinkled skirt. I learned this a long time ago and I’m sure if my mother were here she would bring up the time I burned a one inch thick iron hole through the carpet of my room on Mother’s Day. Luckily I didn’t burn the house down and my ironing skills have gotten better since then. Also, they’ve invented that amazing wrinkle release spray which comes in handy and luckily requires no heat.

All I can say is that wrinkles are not your friend and if you can avoid them, do it!

Green Jacket

Green Jacket

Green Jacket

Green Jacket

Green Jacket

(Photos by Vanessa Rao)

Skirt: Target (similar)

Belt: Thrifted

Top: Old Navy

Jacket: JCPenney (similar)

Shoes: Shoe Dazzle

Purse: Aldo (bought at Plato’s Closet)

Thanks for reading!

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