..now the real work begins

So I am officially done with college.. and now the real work starts! I have an interview Wednesday and will hopefully have an internship this summer at an ad agency in downtown Tampa. I am incredibly excited to learn all I can about video editing. I have finally found something that I indubitably enjoy and I can potentially make money doing. All I can say is.. nice!!

I luckily worked really hard in college and made some good connections. I definitely believe that I must always show people my hard work and determination, whether it be professors, students or co-workers. You never know if that person will be in the position to help you out or give you a recommendation one day. This is what happened to me. My professor asked me if I would be interested in the internship and then even went out of his way to email and say good words about me. So I guess the moral of the story is that hard work really does pay off. Fingers crossed for my interview!! 🙂

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