i got balls

Ok so I got an email today from one of my professors and it said that there is a great internship opportunity in New York. MY DREAM!! To live in New York over the summer would be the highlight of my life. I have nothing here holding me back and really need something to change quickly. I am about to graduate and know that I would be a perfect candidate. They want someone with fresh ideas and someone who knows how to think outside the box. I am definitely that someone.

They want me to tell them in 50 words or less what is the single most powerful thing that I am going to bring them. I want to simply write.. my balls. And I’m not talking about anything dangling anywhere. I’m talking about my willingness to do what I want to do in life and never ask for permission for it. To tell my opinions whether they want to be heard or not. To never lie about my true feelings. Although this doesn’t always work for me in the world I live in. For some reason people want you to keep your mouth shut. Everyone always thinks that they know best. But the person who really knows best is the person that will listen to everyone and then make a decision.

I’ve learned that people want to be lied to. They just do. But wouldn’t all the world just be so much easier if we didn’t have to. If people just really gave everyone their true opinions. Of course.. it would suck at first. But then you would know how people really view you. And if you’re like me, they way people view you means something. Continuing to learn the good and the bad and constantly changing and improving for the better. That’s the point of life right? At the end of it all.. Aren’t you suppose to realize how much you learned? And if you haven’t learned anything… have you really lived?

To sum it all up.. I have the balls to always tell my opinions and to always ask why and sometimes even why not.

**Btw.. This blog will be a work in progress.. This is just a practice. 🙂

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