..and I’m back

So lame I have been lately, not posting anything in almost a month. What?!? I decided that I will do two posts today. So I didn’t get the internship with ChappellRoberts and I was pretty freaking bummed. I worried that I wasn’t going to get another internship. Well.. little did I know, but people want me. I realized that CR was my first interview ever in the advertising world. They took my virginity and thank goodness that I didn’t get that internship. If I would have, I wouldn’t have realized how bad I was at interviewing.

I have now been on three interviews and they have all went well. Guess I didn’t realize that you need practice. I’m used to selling products and barbeque, not myself. So… What a wonderful lesson learned and now I am better for it.. and actually got an internship!

I definitely plan on putting lots more on here so watch out for it.
Writing my life is fun 🙂

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